Visserstruien boek van Stella Ruhe (part 1)

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Dutch, 176 pages, Forte Publishers Ltd., September 2013, ISBN 978 90 5877 359 3

Dutch Traditional Ganseys is a unique book, not just for people who like knitting, but also for those interested in cultural history and heritage. The book contains a combination of historical and contemporary patterns.

Stella Ruhe collected many designs from which she was able to determine the exact pattern, enabling her to recreate these jumpers once again using modern day yarn. This book contains many photos of historic jumpers, their modern day remakes, sketches and diagrams.

Using this book you will be able to knit jumpers with historically authentic designs. These jumpers are intrinsically linked to their historic background. There are many stories and interesting facts about the lives of these fishermen and also some of their more fanciful tales as well.

This is the Dutch version of the book! 

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