Fisherman's Jumper Waddenwool Moddergat

Delivery time: a few days

An authentic and regional product from the Northeast region of the Frisian provence. The jumper is made from Waddenwol: wool from the sheep that graze on the embankments along the North-East Frisian coast. The wool is knitted and spun by volunteers from the region.

The warm and comfortable jumpers have a motif from Moddergat. The jumper has a special God's Eye motif, that is repeated along a band in the middle. Cable and thunderbolt design fill the rest of the front and back. The sleeves have a rib design.

The jumper is available in several colours. The design for this fisherman's jumper comes from a photo taken in a photo studio in Emden, in which Jitze van der Lei is shown wearing a jumper with this design (circa 1900).

We will contact you about size and colour (white, grey or grey/brown). Our special products are made-to-measure.  

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