Graves in the Boniface mound of Dokkum part 1, 2 and 3

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Graves in the Boniface mound of Dokkum
Author: G.I.W. Dragt, May 2018
Richly illustrated, 144 pp.
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In the book, author Ihno Dragt lists all the archaeological data of the Market for the first time. A time-consuming task that the director of Museum Dokkum already started in 2014, mostly in his scarce free time. Particularly special is the reconstruction of the mosaic floor in the Sint Martinuskerk. With the 11-Fountains Project, he clearly had a deadline in mind. In contrast to realizing the IJsfontein, he did manage to finish the book on time.

part 1: The earliest history of the Market until about 1350.
Including a spectacular reconstruction of the beautiful mosaic floor from around 1325 in the St. Maartenkerk.

part 2: This part is all about the abbey tower from the 14th century that was still there until 1832. With a digital reconstruction of it that can be viewed via a scan app.

part 3: This part is about the history from 1400 to the present. With images of the sandstone remains of a sculpted rood screen from the St. Maarten Church, the spatial development of the Market after the demolition of the abbey church and old photos from 1890.

Each volume has the symbolic number of 144 (12x12) pages.

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