Fisherman's Jumper Waddenwol Wierum

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An authentic and regional product from the Northeast region of the Frisian provence. This warm and comfortable jumper will keep you warm during cold winter days. The jumper is made from Waddenwol: wool from the sheep that graze on the embankments along the North-East Frisian coast. The jumper has a characteristic and recognizable pattern from Wierum.

The pattern of this fisherman jumper originates from a picture of Jacob Akkerman.

Jacob Akkerman (1866-1921) was a descendant from an old fishing family from Wierum in Friesland. Jacob was photographed while he was on a fishing trip. The photo currently hangs in the home of Jacob’s grandson.

Renske - an experienced knitter  and the granddaughter of Jacob- knitted an exact copy of the jumper for 't Fiskershúske museum.

We will contact you about the size and colour (white, grey or grey/brown) as our special products are made-to-measure.

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