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  • Around the pattern (1761) from a lady in the making from Dokkum: Geeske Bekius-Suidema (1751-1832) (Rondom de merklap)

Around the pattern (1761) from a lady in the making from Dokkum: Geeske Bekius-Suidema (1751-1832) (Rondom de merklap)

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The sampler that the Dokkum girl Geeske Suidema made in 1761 as part of her upbringing is actually an ego document that reads like a book

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Around the samplet (1761) of a lady originating from Dokkum: Geeske Bekius-Suidema (1751-1832). Auther: G.I.W. Drag 2012 richly illustrated, 90pp.

The sampler that the from Dokkum originating girl Geeske Suidema made in 1716 as part of her upgrowing is like an egodocument that reads like a book. The embroidered cloth of about 50 x 40 cm is a crownpiece in the collection branded cloths that the museum owns. With about 50.000 stitches in more than 20 different colors she told us a lot about who she was and from what kind of environment she originated from. That’s she came from a wealthy environment is seen in the quality of the used materials. And because she came from a famous family in Dokkum a lot of initials that she embroidered on her cloths trace back to people in her surroundings. Uncles, aunts, niece and nephews, teachers and her husband all listed she gave a spot, but in a clearly ranking.

Geeske's father originating from Groningen who became mayor of Dokkum; her mother came from the distinguished Van Kleffens farming family. Because Geeske remained an only child and because of their wealth, they were able to give her everything in the field of education and luxury that was possible at the time. A beautiful silver chatelaine she got when she was 20 is a testament to this. The same goes for the few pieces of clothing that have been preserved from her: you couldn't buy anything more beautiful in those days. Geeske Suidema was a real Frisian woman who, according to the only known portrait of her, was dressed in Frisian costume. She married the pastor's son François H. Bekius and had four children. Son François also became a minister, just like his grandson, the well-known François Haverschmidt (Piet Paaltjens). Geeske's father-in-law was the black sheep of the family. This 'devil minister' was deposed as a minister and lived with her for years, completely destitute. Geeske died at the age of 81 in the house that her husband was able to build in Dokkum thanks to a substantial inheritance.

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