Book ''Initiatief met een luchtje'' (Initiative with an oder)

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An initiative with an oder: About shrimp factories in Moddergat and Zoutkamp.
Author: G.I.W. Dragt 2010. Richly illustrated, 58 pp.

This book tells the story of the shrimp factory in Moddergat, compared to the developments in the shrimp factory in Zoutkamp, ​​among others. In shrimp factories, shrimps were dried by machine and then processed into a protein-rich addition to feeds for poultry in particular.

In Moddergat the fishermen united in a cooperative and in 1924 had a shrimp factory built themselves. With varying degrees of success, the shrimp factory in Moddergat remained in operation for about twenty years, before being sold in 1945 to a Zoutkamper trader. The factory was then converted into a potato shed.

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